Monday, August 22, 2005

Not again! Posted by Picasa


Vivhyd said...

lol!! monu .. nice one..

Vivhyd said...

it was true when I was in coll here.. and my prof wud always keep checking on wht we r doing :)

Kaps said...

how often does this happen 2 u?

Fathima said...

Backing kaps question to u!

vasanthi said...


Iris said...

copy right violation monu!

monu said...

its true anywhere!

@kaps about u???
i stay for close to 11 hours at doesn't happen much.....
or atleast thats what i will say here........

redirecting the answer to u../hehe
hmmm.....i found the cartoon real funny!

that was a forward i got!

i havent forged my sign on it...i just pasted thepic as it it!