Monday, August 22, 2005

Letting go

It was so emotionally draining
but she had to move on,
she had to put the past behind her
She had to forget those memories
both sweet and sour

A little thought travel to the past
filled her heart with a heaviness
She couldn't quite explain.....
It had to be got rid of......

those old encouraging words,
those funny jokes on a certain dull day
those accounts of incidents in some stranger's life
and those thoughts that filled nostalgia with nostalgia

She had to let go of those
For her mails bounced back
Telling her- "Your inbox is full!"


Ganesh said...

good one monu

Jeevan said...

nice post friend
What is the meaning of nostalgia?
I do no.

johnny boy said...

Hi Monu,
Am a bit confused....
For her mails bounced back
Telling her- "Your inbox is full!"

Her inbox? Was she sending mails to herself?

~phobiac~ said...


Kaps said...

these situations were quite common in the past. with the arrival of gmail and other services, mailbox size is not a worry anymore.

divyasurendiran said...

Wow!! Took a second to get it.
Nice :)I can so relate to it monu.

Jayan said...

Kaps has hit the nail on its head

Prabu Karthik said...

johny boy is right
perhaps 'mails sent to her bounced back'?
but rombo nalla irundhadhu

vasanthi said...

enakku puriyallaiye

Iris said...

That's why i have outlook and a BIIGGG harddisk. It has a big heart you know ;)And ofcourse there are blogs :), like this one and mine.
( hope i got the meaning right :)

Fathima said...

I can understand!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

nee library illa borrow panni overa romantic novels padikara nu nekikeran!

and hopefully ill get meaning rite (i am too prosaic for poetry, adu nalaiya schoolla english literature ppr a goal, goala poduven! till boards when i cud drop poetry!)

Anonymous said...
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monu said...


thinking about past..or atleast that is what i think!

@Johnny boy
oh yes!when she was bored, she would!!...
i know i goofed it up there..but i just let it blog is my unedited scribbling!

but i cant overload my company server so gotta clear the mails in my company ID..and that aside, i was only trying to convey that little things like a forward or a joke could mean a lot due the situations in which it arrived!!

thanks a lot!

agreed that it doesn't happen often..thne again we let a lot of mails clutter up in that u?


just about how some one might treasure every mail and hold onto an associated memeory, that deleting a mail becomes a difficult.....

thats nice....i just let my mails clutter up and have to delete them some day!


my vocab is limited..thats y me scribbling!
ithula romance enga vanthathu?senti may be....lots of ppl mail..and each one of them would have a certain meaning i suppose!

johnny boy said...

:-) Thing is, i donno where u've goofed up, and where you actually meant for it to be something :-)
Your posts need some intense reading .. :)

monu said...

@johnny boy
do i see a double edged sword there?