Friday, August 05, 2005

Lucky Woman

He had to earn enough to provide for her
He had to take her wherever it was that she wanted to go
He had to show bravery and chivalry
He had to remeber evryone of her relative's names
He had to strike a balance between her and his own parents

In return , she would allow his name to be suffixed to hers!!!


Fathima said...

Not only that, she puts up with him. Lucky man!

monu said...

hey fathi
that was nice!!

ioiio said...

Suffix ellaaam yaarum poda venaaam.. Aala vidungammaa :))

monu said...


Marshal said...

The "next blog" button has found me another blog to read. How rare.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Blog! I added you to my bookmarks. Feel free to check out my Playstation 3 Blog anytime!

Chaos said...


This dude is turning out to be a real honcho/hitwoman for women's lib groups..

Mebbe the new generation of Phoolan Devi.. only that captai has to be a subordinate now.

Jayan said...

Monu, thanks for showing why it is easy to live on Mars and not Venus

Sameer said...

Interestingly goofy..
You are posting some real good stuff..keep it up!!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

why suffix? ellam oru waste of time, nan ippadia irukkalam , suffix ellam vendam, tooo expensive.

he has to become a pauper!
he has ts let her shop till she drops!

(enkku teriyala adu enna ella pomblaigalum shopping la avloav interest katterangal!)

Fathima said...

Women always think a lot before deciding on something. Eduthom kavilthomnu irukka maataanga. Thats y they take a lot of time in shopping too.

monu said...

welcome to my blog


no life without wife!....

right said fathi!

Vivhyd said...

hmmm.. Marriage.. well defined..

monu said...


vasanthi said...

that was very realistic

AF said...

well said Fathi. What about all she has to go thru for him.
Make sure he has food on the table
Make sure he has kids (grow his generation)
Make sure his things are ready for his work.
Make sure he is not too stressed out while she takes lot more on her hands.
and many more...
and in return .. no one can find out if he is married...with his name.

monu said...

but you have to leave it and come down to earth sometimes!

y??i dont get u!


agree with u

Anonymous said...

@ af: *grow his generation*... with fertilizers u mean?