Friday, August 05, 2005

Is He?

Random 1:

Oh! He is Brave
Really, can he face the truth?

(Explanation : One needs real guts to face the truth....)

Random 2:

Oh! He is real nice
Watch him after he is applauded...

(Explanation : Most people are real nice, till the realisation dawns upon them at they are good at something.....)

Random 3:
Oh! he is good
but do people let him know it?

(Explanation : Some people never knew they were good, they were never told so......)

PS: What is the sign of a particularly bad writer??? Well...I say post scripts.....
because a good writer would get across the point but the bad one, needs a PS .....
and that is the reason for my explanations above..... still hoping to improve.....)


Fathima said...

Monu! Monu! Monu!
Y can't girls b better than guys in ur blog?
Y is it always he, he , he?
Just kidding;-)

Jayan said...

Fathima, you should have seen the 'feminist' Monu. Check her archives and u will know !!

monu said...

@fathi and jayan..

i tried to make myself clearer with the explanations....

i dont want to be categorized as a feminist!!

Vivhyd said...

well if someone has come down to read the PS.. means it is not tht bad writing at all.. u know.. else noone wud bother to read the PS

tamilan said...

Mebbe I should appreciate people and see the difference!!!
Good blog monu, keep it up. I am a picking up a lot of good points.

PS are for tube lights like us

FlirtinFelicity said...

Just poppin around to say that I liked your post. =) Catch me too in my profile and visit me on my webpage. Ciao!

monu said...

that is kindness at work

PS are written by tube lights like me!