Thursday, August 11, 2005


Take 1

Oh! How she hated Him,
the mistake finding machine....
and that miserable attitude...
Why didn't he disappear into thin air??

Yet, that day, when he was working hard
trying to meet the deadline,
and it was well past lunch time,
In all her hatred,
she couldn't restrain herself
and asked him, "Have you eaten?"
with all the concern on earth!!

Take 2

She didn't like the fact
that her stubborn daughter
would not change her mind
about her marriage plans..

Yet, in all her resentment,
She couldn't hate her....

Take 3

She didn't like his insensitive comments,
that sense of humour that pricked like a sharp thorn
and sent pain waves thoughout her heart

Yet, she couldn't get herself to hate him
in memory of all those happier days!!


Fathima said...

True Monu!

Anonymous said...

i am too jealous to comment...
but...cant stop..
hate plus concern ? how? overwhelming guilt?

resentment minus hate ? needy?

pain minus hate ? saint/hope/denial/blind love?

... may be unconditional love??

divyasurendiran said...

happens ........

Vivhyd said...

thts like true.. hmm.. well said and truly said monu

monu said...


i dont get u..expln pls!



Fathima said...

I think Iris means
hate plus concern ? how? overwhelming guilt?
--> Is the hate and concern bcoz of overwhelming guilt.

resentment minus hate ? needy?
---> Resentment without hate gives needy

pain minus hate ? saint/hope/denial/blind love?
---> Pain without hate is being a saint or having hope or showing denial or bling love!

... may be unconditional love??
---> Shud b

Anonymous said...

Ha! success!
So i have confused u too :)

Too jealous : some one has been praising u a lot and that has been bugging me.(in a good way... I am inspired to learn from the better(if not the best;-)..kinda like Ekaliva and dronacharya... i can give a thumb in return...i think i can use just one thumb to type the space bar:-)

The rest of the questions are regarding ur post. I was just trying to find why some one will hate another person, yet, show concern for them? Same goes for the resentment and bearing the pain...

I thought that the answer for all the cases may be "unconditional love" or "hope" or something similar.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the excellent inference fathi.. :)

monu said...

thanks for ur expln

thanks to u 2!
i really dont know the reason..i thought on the lines of...
they may not like the things you do...but they like you...
thats love/hate

Anonymous said...

makes a lot of sense :)

monu said...


tamilan said...

tamil makkalin tradition and panbu!!!
friend or foe he question is normally asked