Wednesday, August 10, 2005

At work....

People laughing at the sleeping man
slumping in his chair.....
didn't have an iota of an idea
of the turmoil in his home....
and that his search for peace
brought him here!!


Jayan said...

Is this a reflection of the blogger ???? ;)

Good one Monu !

monu said...

en velaikku vettu vekkaadheenga pa!
not me......

~phobiac~ said...

u know...... I just turned back to see if u were standing there and watching me sleep in my cube....

Fathima said...

Monu, I understand ur position now. I wont laugh at u from now.

vasanthi said...

Paadhi aamblaingaloda nelamai idhu dhan

tamilan said...

take 1:
night fulla sun/vijay/raj tv'illa serial, padam parthaal ippadithaan...

take 2:
koduthu vachavan ... day dreaming

take 3:
kadavul sila perukku thaan nimithayana thookam koduppaar...
neenga ellam yeen poramai padugireergal...

unga blog parthu take1..2..3.. katrukondaan

ada-paavi!!!! said...

take 4 (konjam mecabre)
wit out realising he killed himself to escape his worldy troubles!

monu said...

unga PM enga???

ithu konjam over aa illa??
naan thoongi madam eppo paatheenga??

even pombalainga

really nice interpretations.....

that was morbid!!
but good one!!

Vivhyd said...

@ monu... sleeping at work or something? .. hey btw theres a question for u @ my blog.. the latest post.. if u wanna ans tht..

monu said...

i didnt sleep my friend......
and i answered that question

monu said...

i didnt sleep my friend......
and i answered that question

Fathima said...

Enna naanum thoonginennnu solla varriyaa? Annaalum, unakku romba kozhuppu monu;-)))) Jus joking

ada-paavi!!!! said...

enna panatathu, ennoda imagination konjam morbid a irukku!

Ganesh said...

crazy pm:hey who is that near cubicle 101,
wake her up!!

sh sh Monu Monu, andha crazy pm un cabin pakkama varampa.

crazy pm:Whats going on here ...?!!!

:) he he!!

Prabu Karthik said...

raathiri mulukka utkarndhu blog kadhai eludhittu seriya thoongama
kalaila office vandhu epdiyavadhu manage pannitu mmadhiyanam lunch nalla thayir sadhamm oru kattu kattina koncha nerathile oru thookam varum paaru.... aha...
no words can describe that feeling;)

al-Farrob said...

That one is very well observed

Anjali said...

good one monu

sharana said...

nice post monu...oh !!! the rigors of work and home....and the toll it takes...well written!!!

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Narayanan Venkitu said...

Very nice indeed.!! I've seen several people do this...! But never made fun....'cause I've been there...done that.!! Life goes on.!!

monu said...

unmaiya sonna yaaru othukkara?

somteimes nu sollu

athu 101?? moi panam maathiri?

inga vanthu annalakshmi saapadu saaptaa innum nalla thookkam varum

@al farroub
welcome here and thanks!


ungalukkum antha anubhavam unda?

@Narayanan Sir
:) does..

Iris said...

When u dont have time to go home and enjoy its comforts,its inevitable that i bring the homely comforts to the office:(