Thursday, July 07, 2005

The woman scorned.....

She liked him a lot.
But he wasnt kind-hearted
He hurt her pride
by joking about how
the funny looking girl
had dared to ask a handsome guy
he would say.."a girl ..that girl"
and talk on about
how she cried like a monkey
the day he rejected her....

But she wouldn't yet give up
So she kept taking the jokes
and sometimes laughed at it herself
and everybody noticed how good she was
she didn't talk ill of him
she was glad that love had found
its way into her heart
and if it wasn't reciprocated
the way she wanted it to
she knew better than to cry about it
but she also chose to not retort
to all those jokes..

and there at that moment
she chose not to retort
she began laying inroads into his heart
he began to see beyond the funny appearence
that in her lay a beautiful heart
filled with compassion and forgiveness
slowly she was entering his heart
he couldnt help it
she didn't even speak a word with him
her silence seemed to say a thousand things to him
oh! did he metamorphosize.....

and when he longed to hear beyond the silence
and when the jokes were a piece of history
he told her a sorry..a heart felt sorry...
and put forth a hand of friendship...
as he knew, that the kind heart would accept
she did, and slowly he expressed his admiration
she smiled that ever-so-good smile
and days passed by, he spoke of his affection
she was glad that it was reciprocated
she knew that unconditional love pays..
and pay it did

and he loved her like she wanted him to
he looked forward to listening to that sweet voice
and that heart-shattering smile..
did she change into that charming angel or was it him?
he didnt bother..all that he knew and cared for
was that he had found his true love
and the love grew in his heart..she could see it in his eyes
he melted like a candle burning bright at the sight of her
and so as days passed by .......
he went down on one knee and spoke those words
those very words that she wanted to hear
those very words that he had been saying a thousand times
over and over in his heart..till he found the right time to ask her
earnestly he looked into her eyes and asked her
"will you marry me?"

She laughed hysterically
He understood..nothing need be said
He understood the pain he had inflicted in her heart
For he felt the same searing pain....


Chaos said...

Whom did u propose to Monu? and that's a pretty good revenge u've got planned out for "the guy".

ada-paavi!!!! said...

monu, ida vecchu nan oru tamilpadathin screenplaya panividuven,
seri as sanjiv asked, intended plan of action a idhu, illati already in placea??

midwest_hick said...

hmmmmmmmm....I've always heard that revenge is a dish best served

monu said...

just pure imagination sanju


seri tamil screenplay ezhudhinaa enakku paisaa kudu

welcome to my blog

Fathima said...

Seared my heart! But dunno which sentence actually did!

monu said...



Parthiban said...

Great story! Would make a nice screenplay, as vatsan said. But a mega serial will be better - we can introduce a revenge by the gal and then the guy not wanting to hurt back (true unselfish love) will forgive the gal and then the gal starting to feel again for the guy and then one common villan/villi for both and then when both agree to marry, the guy's parents lose money in business and huge debts and the levadevi fellow wants the guy marry his daughter........cut!

Fathima said...

Mega serial!
Nothing happens other than a lot of kerchiefs getting sold.

Aravind said...

ennadhu monu..revenge or love...enaku puriyale.....onu mattum theriyudhu...ponuga kitte romba carefula irukanum :-)

johnny boy said...

@aravind -> very true .... Next time, rendu vaati yoschittu thaan ponnunga kitte joke adikannum :) Illati total damage panneetu thaan povaanga :)
By the way monu, ur imagination is too much! Rombho yosikirey :)

Ansh said...


good one...
but same question as arvind - love or revenge?

G3 said...

idhu enna? four line post innu yaaro sonnadhukku padhil ah?

really, nice one there!

Anonymous said...

Wow o wow!!!That was a really good piece of work...Revenge is sweet ,but it needs a lot of strength to overcome the temptation to just accept and move on...

monu said...

kadhai sooper-o-sooper...
but you should give me royalty


correct-aa purinjukitteenga

enna pannradhu?
anduvaa varudhu....

love and revenge!

chumma ezhudha ezhudha valandhunde pochu..avalodhaan!

i would really appreciate it if you left your name...
anyways thanks for the compliment...and i accept what you say...revenge needs resolve..most of us would rather carry on

Kaps said...

Looking at the flow of words, it looks more like a real life story....keep us posted on who the lucky (or should we say unlucky?) guy is.

monu said...

no..thats just my way of writing...
jus some imagination......
nothing else....