Friday, July 08, 2005

Forgive and forget

He had been told to forgive.
Forgive the soul..
but don't forget the lesson.
but tried as he did,
he couldn't forgive the soul
till he forgot the lesson


G3 said...

haha! funny!

Jayan said...

For me , it is not funny .. I defninitely read between the lines here !!! Wonderful one !

monu said...


thank you!

ioiio said...

enna innikku record break pola.. only 2 posts

johnny boy said...

"Forgive the soul..
but don't forget the lesson"

Monu, once again reversing your quote da. Jus for fun... :)
During all those years when we used to get scolding/hitting/pinching from our teachers for not studying the lessons properly, how i wish they
"Forgot about the lesson,
and forgave the soul" ...

johnny boy said...

Unn post ellam pichu pichu indha pakkam andha pakkam thirpardhu, reverse panradhu, vellaya pochu ennaku.. sorry :)) jus for fun

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Very nice..and quite true.! I've been there done that.! He..He..!

divyasurendiran said...

good one monu

monu said...

enna pannaradhu..moola velai seyyalai....

@johnny boy
no may twist it and turn it as you please...

monu said...

@narayanan venkitu
me too

@divya surendiran