Friday, July 01, 2005

Suddenly something...


Oh my heart!
let peace be with you
May you know no hatred
May you know no anger
may you not allow anyone to hurt you
May you always know that God is with you

Let beautiful music calm you
let the beautiful breeze
bring the spring back

May you know your many gifts
and your many blessings
May you learn to forgive
your fellow human beings
for they can err just like you do

May you learn to free yourself
of all these cob-webs
May you feel love
even for your enemy
May you learn that forgiving
is the best way

May you feel the peace
and the soothing music
and the breeze.....

may you know that
you have the power to
stop anyone from piercing you
and you can do so with love

may you learn to change your perception
and see as the other might have seen it
may you know that there is
nothing called bad....
there is only an opinion
and you have the power to change it

may you know that
this moment you can make a choice
between the past and the future
you can rise like a pheonix
or dig your own little slumber hole
you have that choice.....

may you think about this
just a little while
by cleansing yourself of all
those negative emotions....
and feel all the goodness within

who says world gives you brickbats
when you follow the good?
you give out love and the world can give back
nothing but love
you have the power to not receive anything else...

May peace be with you...
may you know that peace does more.....



Chaos said...

Came across this gayu


Cute poetry is the icing around a Virgin's heart ??? - Alright Monu... point noted... So when u stop writing cute poetry.... :))


ada-paavi!!!! said...

enna ida padichata oru self help book madri irukku? first para a padicha bible style langauge madri irukku, idu konjam over a teriyala??

Manoj said...


Try posting some of this in



Aravind said...

monu, eppadi ippadi yellam yeludhure...naalu word think panunale yenaku thalai valikudhu!!!
anyway..good one :-)

ioiio said...

Same problem here aravind

virumandi said...

roooooommmmmmbaaaa llllooooonngg!!! aaaana super!!!

Sriram said...

same case here araving and ioiio :D

jac said...

Drifted in, a long one, so another time 'll be back.

Anjali said...

nice one.write more. you must publish your poems.

monu said...


i dont know what to make of your comment....

naane edho time pogalai nu kirukkaren.....

thanks a lot..will do that

@aravind, ioiio, sriram
adhuvaa varudhu
jus kidding....
chumma naalu line kirukkaren...

thank u!
will make them shorter hereafter

thank u and keep visiting

thank u so much for the encouragement

ioiio said...

adi paavi..
idhu eppa naalu line aachu..

monu said...

okay..okay..konjam jaasthiyaave thaan kirukitten..othukkaren....

ada-paavi!!!! said...

onnum illai, ne eppovavdu church vasallila bible quotes irrukkum aduvum ippadi than
'may ur soul be free of evil' ellam may , mayur ada style

ada-paavi!!!! said...

ida padicha odana yenakku oru christina prayer than gnabayagan vanduthu!

monu said...

othukkaren..etho moodla kirukkiteen