Monday, July 18, 2005

Small doubt...

Which is more powerful-
Destiny or human will??

apart from that me got no ideas for blogging..even i am getting bored to read my own blog..


Jayan said...

What you feel is 'human will' is already a part of destiny B-)

Jayan said...

I've started a 'He' series in opposition to your 'she' series :)

monu said...

thats great news
will check that onbe out!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

@ monu n jayan
Sabaash saraiyana potti!

johnny boy said...

We cannot judge the truth here, cos destiny cannot be proved and its a belief.
But whatever the truth is, you should believe that human will is more powerful. Or else, your future is in deeeeeep trouble :) ( which of course, you wud blame it as ur destiny! ) lol :)
But seriously, there is some food for thought... Destiny - we use this term a lot, to cover up, for all our messes/mistakes in life!

monu said...


@johnny boy

i agree with you....
but failure may make you think otherwise!!