Friday, July 15, 2005


As she tried hard and harder
striving towards her goal
giving it her all........
and couldn't succeed,
The unforgiving world
called her lazy......
Just becuse she didn't reach her goal!!!!


ada-paavi!!!! said...

idu konjam over, appo every1 who slogs for IIT and doesnt get in is labeled lazy? they dont make the cut tats it,
enna madri allungal than lazy, padika mattom annal fluke illa cuta make pannividuvom!

ioiio said...

Oh.. thats y ppl call me lazy!!!

U c Im not..

Sriram said...

Completely disagree!!!! the case u cite may be called a "failure" (harshest case), but NOT lazy. being lazy is not trying at all! .. now start meesic!

johnny boy said...

You give it your all, and still if ppl call you lazy, its a no win situation! In such cases, it doesnt make sense to give a damn to those ppl.... Jus ignore, and keep giving it your all :)
Cos u cant give any more, than all that you've got, can you??

Manoj said...

I concur with it an honest effort or not, people always try to discourage us(barring a few). So as long as we know that its an honest effort, that should be enough...who cares about the what the world thinks. The problem is that people have a clear idea about how others should lead their lives, but wont implement it themselves.


Jayan said...

I'm too lazy to comment on this !

Aravind said...

World is never gonna agree and appriciate. Big deal!

sathyus said... i know the answer!
you no wat to achieve something big..u have to listen to these things ppl say ..if u r convinced then thats all there to it!

Adaengappa !! said...

All ok..but...yaaru antha "SHE" Monu ji??

monu said...


i was only trying to convey that fruitless efoort , though not recognized, is effort nevertheless....

me too..

@johhny boy
totally agree with you....
that was just an observation on people's reaction!

tats y it is said that asvices are for others!

i appreciate your effort

who gives a damn about world???
or do we????

i dont get you!

fictional character!

Anonymous said...

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