Thursday, July 14, 2005

sense of humour

"You don't have a sense of humour"
She always complained........
If he didn't have it,
How did he manage to laugh at all her jokes???


not only is making that fabulous joke a sign of the sense of humour...
also appreciating a good joke with a hearty laugh shows a sense of humour!



ioiio said...

io.. Monu Mudiyalammmaaaa :)

Anonymous said...

she was right to complain..
he should not have laughed at them...

he was also right..
he was laughing at the expectation that he was expected to laught at the jokes :-)

monu said...




Fathima said...

U'r short posts r catching up on me!

divyasurendiran said...

hey, so true - your explanation.

IBH said...

:) true!

johnny boy said...

"How did he manage to laugh at all her jokes???"
Or else, she would not have spoken to him for too long....As simple as that :-)

That was jus on a lighter note, but its the truth in many cases, 'he' laughs cos he's got no option :-)

Agree with u -> your explanation about 'sense of humor' is absolutely true...

thennavan said...

True. I really laugh at my own jokes. I guess I have a great sense of humor :-)

Anoop Sundaram said...

she probably wanted to laugh for his jokes and make him happy too ;-)

monu said...



i am flattered!

monu said...


glad u agree

@johnny boy


monu said...

me too

i like that..good one