Wednesday, July 06, 2005


When each person is unique
how can we call some people "strange"?


ioiio said...

Because he is strangely unique..
Idhu epdi irukku

ada-paavi!!!! said...

bcause they r uniquely strange, avloav than
autobiographical poem eh?

monu said...

sooperaa irukku!

which means u think i am strange???

Chaos said...

I believe the term had it's origin from the following scenario.

Everybody's bound to feel jealous at unique people. You feel like "strangling" them b'coz u ain't unique.

So when you call someone strange, what's goin on in ur head is "Damn Unique guy, somebody strangle him"


I think I'm unique. :)

monu said...


i like that explanation....
but i was trying to say that each one of us is unique

johnny boy said...

I would like to totally reverse your quote :-)
"Its only because each one is Unique, that some people appear strange"
Explanation: If everyone was just the same, NO ONE would have been strange :-)

Aravind said...

strangely unique makes sense since once u get to know that person, they are no longer strange ....:-)

monu said...

@johnny boy

opinion accepted...


that was sweet

ada-paavi!!!! said...

monu en commenta tirupi read pannu, carefula, uniquely strange!!
comp langauge a patthu patthu english marandupocha??

monu said...


ippo purinjudhu!