Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Early morning Ritual

It was a ritual they followed
They would always fight in the morning
He would beg her till she forgave
She could now be sure that he is crazy about her
and he could be sure that she cared enough to be hurt!

My Sudden Thought for the Day

Worry is not a situation,
It is a habit


ioiio said...

Good morning ritual'la irundhu ippa Early Morning ritual-aa

Worry is not a situation,
It is a habbit

Strongly disagree.. :(

Chaos said...

Hobbits .. I can understand
Ditto with Rabbits...
Habbits -> A cross breed between Hobbit and Rabbit with unpredictable habits?

ioiio said...

lol @ sanjiv's reply.
Udaney spelling maathu g3

monu said...


etho kaarthaala pulliyaar suzhi podanam la athaan!!

were you a spell-checker in your previous birth?


Tolkien ezhidhinaa hobbit nu othupeenga..naan ezhudinaa habbit nu othukka maatteengalo???
ennappa nyaayam idhu!!!

Kaps said...

How come they have time for fight during morning time? Don't they have to go to work?

Good one.

monu said...


question out of syllabus :)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

ingium syllabus aa?? aala vodungo, nan escape.
ippo secret a on team leader on bloga pakkanom,

monu said...


pakkathula thaan irukkaru..nallaave paapparu..
today me hard working!