Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Unforgettable moments Part I

This a new series people...i come up with stuff like this...when i can think of nothing else to write...stuff from my past..but stuff that i havent forgotten...and stuff that had taught me a lot..

I think i was in my fourth standard, and current went off... i was scared as hell and didn't know what to i went to the swami room and began praying was a prayer of a small girl who was afraid of was a prayer that requested just one simple thing, that the power supply come was a request..

and in exactly 5 minutes, the power supply came back...our house lit up and in my heart i learnt the first lesson of my life:
Faith works in anything..i beleived ( even without my own knowledge) that my fervent prayer before some idols would bring back the power was that belief that was answered....

people, you can all try it, try beleiving in something fervently, it will happen, due to the power of your beleif! for starters, try beleiving in yourself, and see what you can do!!!

PS: i hope to come up with some more notebook scribblings, i have got to browse through my old i am running out of ideas to put in here...hope i am not getting too preachy...seriously couldn't think of anything to put in here!:-)

i wouldn't mind you cursing me for this one..please go ahead and do so!!!!!!
but hope this doesn't send you off from my blog forever!!! do come back!


divyasurendiran said...

well do have a way with words :-)

monu said...

hey, thanx divs
hope i can find my way with work too!

ioiio said...

oru naalaikku onnunnu odhukki vecha you can oattufy lot more days..

Nee daily oru 4 post adichi thalrey!

adhukku apram vera.. I dont know what to writena yaar namba poraaa

monu said...


athu naala sonne addiction, i post whatever stuff that pops up in this brain of mine!!!

but these are pointless thoughtless posts!!!

Sriram said...

Ha ha!! instead, a phone call or a "friendly" visit to the nearby sub-station (EB) could have also solved the trick.

On a serious note, If YOU don't believe in yourself, who else will? Live like you have no tomorrow, and live life to the fullest. DOn't expect anything from anyone, and life will always be fun.

monu said...

at fourth standard ,i didnt have that much worldly gyaan!

anyways, it an unforgettable experience because i learnt the power of faith...

and i completely take your advice of living life :-)

Ranj said...


Came here from gayathri's blog. To me faith = Life. We live each day, work, iron clothes for tomorrow, save, keep leftovers in the fridge, buy stuff ... literally everything because subconsciously we all BELIEVE that we are going to be alive tomorrow :) That's faith, Life. Happy blogging!