Friday, June 10, 2005

Notebook Scribblings Part IV

this is part 4...of the dumb notebook scribblings series...
i wrote this sometime in the eleventh standard...
and god alone knows why i wrote morning, i was looking through my old file and found this one, still intact..this was my chemistry note..there were all kind of organic chemistry equations scribbled all over it..and ofcourse , there was this poem (if you can call it that, i just think it is prose with one two many retun keys thrown in.... :) )..
anyway, here i am posting it , hope you like it

Secret Admirer

The first time in his life
he saw her
he was awed to look
at this marvel of nature

her eyes were round and dark
her smile was a flash
like lightning amidst rain
and she gave that to anyone

She studied with him
that was how he knew her
the more he saw her
the more he admired her

her words were soft
especially when directed
towards any brokenheart
which she could repair

she was the sign of courage
she was there for anyone
be it success or failure
she was there to share

she would never keep gloom
rather gloom would prevail
only in her absense
everyone would then miss her

she had an electrifying sense
it was that of sheer humour
she could create peels of laughter
with never once hurting anyone

he had also failed once
and sat with his face down
but she was the only one
who cared to encourage

all adored her for that
she had that magical quality
he too began to adore her
more so for her inner beauty

she was no genius
she was no different
she was a commoner
who cared to make a difference

so he decided one day
to show his admiration
he plucked the rose he had tended
slowly placed in her desk

he expectantly looked to see her
to see her look at the rose
she smiled again beautifully
to think of her secret admirer

she did not throw it away
she knew a beautiful heart
had only placed it there
it was a sign of friendship

she was happy for once
somebody cared to show
to return back her favour
in a way better than words

the same continued
everyday he shall keep
she would look in the desk
and take it home carefully

days passed and lives changed
destiny took them apart
still he remembered that angel
who had encouraged him

at that point when he quit
she...only she, inspired him
so his' was a success story today
drawing inspiration from her

with heartfelt gratitude
he would place a rose for her
wherever she is, whatever she does
she had helped when it mattered

coincidence is a strange act
so created by destiny and God
He once chanced to see her
yet so gracefull as before

she was about to cross the road
what he saw next shocked him
she placed forward a stick
tapped it to find her way

he cried gently,unconsciously
and then rushed towards her
holding her hand,he led her
Alas!destiny had played with her

at the other end
he bought a rose
he placed it in her hand
with tears she sensed
...Her secret admirer


Anonymous said...

Wow this is an interesting article.
Keep up the good work.

monu said...

hi anonymous

thanks for your comment and encouragement

Chaos said...

Excellent poem...does bring out the hidden inclinations within the poet.. :))

monu said...

what do you mean by hidden inclinations??

Manoj said...

was there a hidden meaning in those lines?

I interpret it as this...Love is blind(which is why she is portrayed as blind towards the end), and she had tears in her eyes at the end because she has someone by her side now , who because of his blind and totally illogical love, will have tears in his eyes forever :-)

and again...monu would have said..."nice poem, but where are your glasses? meow" \,/(^_^)\,,/

monu said...

hey manoj
thanx for visiting my blog and your comments..hows your pilot thing coming along...
that poem was a piece of crap...i posted it beacuse i didnt have anything else to write..couldn.t agree more with you

G3 said...

nice! really nice!

monu said...

hey gayathri,
thanks for visting my blog and your comments