Monday, April 23, 2012

What goes around... comes around

When I travelled to Greenville, I was worried about reaching the hotel from the airport. I had requested that someone come to pick me up, but nobody agreed. They said the hotel would provide a shuttle. But only they wouldn’t do it at midnight. But I felt it futile to ask again, so I left it. Why was I concerned? I was landing at 11 PM and was worried. If it were day time, I wouldn’t be worried, because I have visited US before and have an idea. I could just go and get myself a taxi. But I was worried about going alone at midnight.

I told myself that if I didn’t feel confident enough, I would just wait at the airport and then leave when day breaks. It was in the immigration queue that I met another Indian who was to travel to Greenville in the same flight as me. I was worried I might miss my flight and I was asking him for time and that’s how I came to know that we were travelling to the same place. We met again in the plane and got talking. He said that they were going to hire a car and that we could go together. He was working at the same place that I was going, and was staying the same place that I had to go to. So I was happy. Well, at least I wouldn’t have to travel alone. And you know what they say, known devil is better than unknown angel. Not that he was devil or anything… 

So we got off the plane and this guy has his luggage missing. He has his GPS in it and hence he can’t take a car. Without GPS, how would he know which way to go? Better still, he and his companions don’t have any dollars on them. Their company had not given them cash and were yet to load cash on their traveller’s card. So there they were option less. 

So I waited for them and paid for the taxi that we took together. I felt I must do it for them. For it could have been me, stuck there like that. Only, I checked if my traveller’s card was loaded before travelling. I was alone, so I was more than prepared.

I felt nice about helping people like me. They stayed for a week and left.

And in my team here, there is an Indian girl. I am getting trained by her. And she is such a sweet girl. I was just telling her that I am settled fine, but just that without a cooker, it was taking a little longer to cook. And immediately she gave me her electric cooker. And to top that, yesterday they took me out for shopping. I had such a nice time. And am so grateful.

It is nice to see people willing to help. I felt Indians abroad were not helping fellow Indians as much. But this just proves me wrong.

And when I think about it, I felt what goes around , comes around. And that we mustn’t think about helping others. We must just do it.


Jeevan said...

That's so nice and good to hear about the helping hands that lean you, and of course going alone needs courage and thus reliable. Hope the team was very helpful to u and exploring the new place and malls. Take care

Btw. Greenville is in which state?

monu said...

thanks. Next weekend i plan to do some getting around myself. At least I am planning, let's see. Greenville is in South Carolina.