Thursday, April 12, 2012

Travel, Tremors and more

So there was an earthquake yesterday in South East Asia. And we in South India felt the tremors. Man was it scary!!

I was in office trying to complete work when the tremors occurred for the second time. That's when I packed up and left.It was only after I reached home and the husband did too that I felt relief.

Hope everyone is safe where ever they are! My prayers for everyone.

I am all set to travel to Greenville, SC, USA this Saturday. Only my accommodation is yet to be fixed. Phew! I have suggested a hotel and a team at office is working on it. Anyone at Greenville, SC? We could meet you know!

I am hoping Sanjay pulls along this one month that I wont be here. :)

Yesterday was Sanjay's 4th birthday. We did have a small celebration in the evening after everyone was safe and home. As always a thousand words inside me, but speechless at the overwhelming joy!


Jeevan said...

wow! Many more Happy returns to Sanjay :)

I too felt the tremor two times yesterday and it was a scary experience wish never happens again.

I hoped u get to visit France what u wished for, but anyhow have a safe journey and enjoy the trip to US.
Take care :)

Risha said...

Hey Monu ..give my Belated Birthday wishes to lil Sanjay !!!
And good luck for your trip.Easen-up your nerves Sanjay is going to be his happy self.Kids adapt much better :)

monu said...

Thanks for your wishes!

Reassuring to hear that.. i had a heavy heart till i got on the plane.. and then i composed myself.. not very easy.. but i trust the people who are taking care of Sanjay.. so i dont feel stressed! :)