Sunday, April 29, 2012

Greenville downtown trip

So today I went all by myself to Downtown to see a little bit of the place before I return back home. I could write an essay on how scared I was of getting lost, but I bet it won't be interesting. Instead I present to you pictures.

This is just outside my Hotel. A beautiful Rainbow!

A Vespa in USA?

A restaurant near the Falls Park on the Reedy

A nice building in front of the Park

The Liberty Bridge

The Falls

Suspension bridge as seen from below

And a smaller bridge

I was here!

And here.. another bridge

A plane, some kind of a memorial

Another nice sight in the Falls Park

Sights on the road

Little images on the pavement


This was a person of importance, I don't recall who!

Just a building!

Nice sculpture along the pavement

Free trolley that I got on and off as I got around downtown
A walk on the downtown roads

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Jeevan said...

That's wonderful picture tour around the Greenville and I enjoyed the images covering the park, falls and stream and roadside sculpture. Apt to the name the city is pretty green. Thanks monu!