Monday, April 02, 2012


So I got into a project , only it starts mid April and I am pretty jobless. I don't feel the slightest intent to do anything even mildly useful. I feel lazy like never before and am just filling time here.

Which leads me to a question - If someone likes to do something, can they then continuously do it and not get bored by it?

Take me for instance, I like to believe that I like programming, coding.. the works. But since the project was finalized, I have simply stopped reading relevant stuff. Talk about love here. I wish I would only make constructive use of my time, but I am not doing it. Which makes me doubt if I really like what I claim to like.
Since the project was finalized, I have no need to attend any more interviews and hence no need to read stuff. So there. I stopped. Sigh!

Is there someone out there, who can never get bored of doing something / learning something? I would like to hear from you. :)

There is a possibility of travel onsite for a month. But this is only a possibility. I believe it will happen because, they need to train me before I can start working for them. But no dates yet. Only the travel will be to US and for a month. It is US because I already have a valid Visa. Else they were considering sending me to France. But again all this may not happen and they may just train me over phone calls. I was hoping it would be France because I have never been to Europe. But I was also scared of not knowing the language/culture. At least I have been to the US once , so sort of know what to expect. I am hoping I get to travel. This time I think I will explore a little more. So am excited. Also this gives me a wonderful excuse to get more clothes. No western wear for me though, It simply wont gel with my huge nose stud, but am seriously contemplating getting long skirts. :)

I am also worried how Sanjay will react. But I am hoping he would be fine. He didn't miss me when I had to leave him with my in-laws to stay with my parents during their respective eye surgeries. And the trip will only be for a month, not a long time. Fingers crossed.

Sanjay just got promoted from Pre KG to Lower KG. I went to collect his promotion slip and heaved a sigh of relief at successful completion of one year of schooling. Next year he starts to write. Till now it was all oral, and he fared fine. Next year he needs to learn to hold a pencil and write alphabets and numbers. I hope he finds it fun. :)

PS: Title is because I am way too bored now. :)


Jeevan said...

Learning is a life long process... so can't get bored of it but a change is always need to beat anything. The narrow road has nothing fun like winding. Hope u get to travel discovering new vistas. :)

monu said...

yeah i guess so. My travel has been confirmed. I leave next saturday! :)