Friday, January 13, 2012

A proposal for Sanjay

Today, Sanjay received his first proposal. Yes you read that right!

Sanjay is good friends with the little girl next door. This girl, M,  is a year younger than Sanjay but she is real smart. Everyday they spend time playing and if their mothers are busy, they stand (she in her balcony and he in the stairs facing her house) and talk.

Today was yet another day. M had just woken up and stands at the balcony. Sanjay has had his bath and breakfast and I am chasing him to get him to wear his uniform. M shouts out to Sanjay.

“Sanjay”, she says.
“I Love you Sanjay!”

I think I am hallucinating, but everyone around me, including M’s mother is shocked. So yes, the words were spoken by the 3 year old girl to the 4 year old boy. And this was the first ever proposal received by Sanjay.


Jeevan said...

it sounds sweet... all the best Sanjay ;)

Happy Pongal monu!

Sanjiv said...

Wow!! Your kid's turning out to be a charmer. Casanova - The initiation.