Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Eye problem update

Turns out I don’t have conjunctivitis. I was hoping I could take leave on that pretext. Yes, I am still a school kid at heart. But well, here I am. Seems to some sort of an eye infection which cleared up with an eye drops which my father in law recommended. So now I don’t look like I have cried the night.

Today is Saraswathi puja/Ayutha puja. This is my most favourite festival, not for the food though. That must be Pillayar chathurthi. This is the one day of the whole year, my parents couldn’t ask me to study. Even the thought of that is liberating after all these years. But parents will be parents. This I say with the authority bestowed upon me on virtue of being one myself. I remember after giving my SCJP exams, and coming home with 80%. My MIL told me, that I could have got more marks had I studied harder, this when I was 5 months pregnant with Sanjay.

Today my manager gave me chakkavaratti, authentically made from Kerala. I am holding it like a trophy. It is a bottle of memories. We used to make it a long time back, when we got our regular supply of jackfruit from Kerala. My grandfather was a great foodie. We used to make chakka varatti and ela Adai and all other delicacies. This bottle holds a little part of my childhood, and eating it will sure bring back more memories. I can’t wait to go home and dig into it.


Anonymous said...

With this new layout, your readers will have an "eye problem" soon.

Jeevan said...

hope u enjoyed the chakka varatti. take care of your eye monu :)

monu said...

i have changed template... :)

i gorged on it. i figured out later that all my eye problems were indications of typhoid..