Wednesday, September 07, 2011

On A Dinner Date

Pregnancy brought with it, the complete inability to bear hunger, well, at least for her it did. And every minute between the start of the sensation of hunger and food going down her throat, was like going on a merry-go round for her. Not in a fun way, but in a nauseating way. It was a struggle, actually. She just had to find food, for if she made amends late, that would come out as well. And she hated making a mess in public.

And each time she puked in public, there would be different and indifferent reactions. But sometimes, she felt people felt sorry for her, and that was what she hated the most. Well, and such it goes..

One day she was with her husband, going home from work together. And suddenly, she was hungry and instantly all nauseous. She had to eat something right away. She asked him to get her something. And he took her to a hotel and ordered her a good meal, like any well-meaning husband would do.

And like what happens in such cases, there was waiting period for food to appear. And with each passing minute, the churning in her stomach increased, till the stomach knotted and wringed itself. She just had to puke now. “I will be back”, she said and walked out, found a corner and puked. Relief!

What would she tell him? Would she blame him? Would she ask – Why didn’t just buy me some ready to eat stuff right away? Would this be the time, she could pour it all out? How hunger was a constant struggle? How even if she ate expecting hunger in advance, it would still strike her when she least expected it? How travelling was the single most difficult thing to do? How it was all such a change for the girl used to chasing buses and getting in?

All thoughts flushed out like the undigested food, she walked in and let him eat his meal in peace.

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Jeevan said...

couldn't answer those questions. but in a way it explains the struggle of a pregnant women.