Tuesday, August 09, 2011

How do I tell you

How do I tell you?
That after all these years,
the sight of you,
still makes me happy,
my heart skips a beat,
and a sheepish smile,
platers itself on my face..

How do I tell you?
That I dont even see,
the need to be beautiful,
for another pair of eyes,
but yours..

How do I tell you?
all this
and much much more..
Without sounding fake,
like I stole dialogues,
from rom-com movies..

How do I tell you?
the beautiful thoughts
which allign themselves
into measured words,
are all staright from my heart,
and only for you!


Jeevan said...

Hope he listens your heart still. So sweet :)

monu said...

thanks Jeevan..

Chriselle Correia said...

Some of the sweetest lines I've read :)
Meant to be, I say.

monu said...

thanks Chriselle :)