Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Like all people, I am complex too. Though I am optimistic and all that, I am mostly cynical. Yes, I am on the verge of a multiple personality disorder..  Why talk about cynicism? Well, one day before the potluck lunch(organized on the 19th of August in my office, to celebrate Independence day), our manager called our team together and after 30 minutes of discussion, we were at square one. See, there, cynicism proven right. I was cynical about potluck.. who would cook? Why would people go through the whole effort? So I suggested, why don’t we just eat out-go dutch?

But after much thought and contemplation, we decided this – those who bring home food would just bring more of it, and those who regularly eat out would simply buy stuff and bring it. There sealed! There was no unanimous decision on ethnic wear, and after much thought, the team agreed to that as well.

So the task was set. Items were discussed – who would bring what and all that.. everything was in place, including banana and beeda.

My plan was this. I would make chapathis and a side dish. If for some reason, I don’t find the time, I will buy naan and side dish from outside.

Didn’t think cooking would excite me so much. I woke up at 5:30 am on the D day, and first thing I did was to prepare the chapathi dough. Since my cooking results were still unpredictable, the job of making the side-dish was handed over to the MIL.

The real cooking started after son was dropped in school. MIL had completed the side dish(channa and potato) by then and it was really tasty. Now the chapathis. I did them with so much care, that for once, all of them were round in shape. There, done! A sense of accomplishment prevailed over me!

The next big thing was what to wear? I had to wear ethnic wear. I was confused.. which saree do I wear?All the silk cotton sarees were pulled out and much confusion ensued. My MIL stepped in and gave me her brand new silk cotton saree. It was a beautiful shade of pink and I had a matching blouse. I was so excited.

And in all this madness, it dawned on me that sharing was so beautiful. The cynic in me was busy draping a beautiful saree, eating wonderful home made food brought in by colleagues, proudly giving away the chapathis made by me. It was really a lovely day!


Jeevan said...

wow! variety of dishes there to taste. seems u did a easy thing among all to give away to enjoy those. lol

glad you enjoyed sharing with other. you got a very nice MIL to give her sari too u :)

monu said...

yes.. very nice of my MIL..
you got it right.. i did the simplest thing. and in exchange, got a wholesome meal.. :)