Friday, August 05, 2011


You know , there are times in life when one stands across cross roads, not knowing which path to take. And then you make a decision, just based on what’s right there deep down in your heart..
I had such a situation when I completed schooling. Life then was like the first page in the freshly emerged year’s diary – full of possibilities!! I had so many dreams, I didn’t doubt their feasibilities, or set any limitations. I wanted to get into IIT, I got halfway there, I didn’t get through the main exam.

And then I got good marks, and I got a call from BITS. I wanted to go, but my parents couldn’t afford it then. I regretted it, I cried, and then I made up my mind, I had made my decision, chosen a local college, simply because, among the colleges of that level, this one was the cheapest! Life went on, no regrets, for I met my husband at college…

I got a job, life went smooth, but still deep down, those dreams from a long time ago make a re-entry and keep edging me to reach out and do something. Which is a good thing, for life is never truly over, and it truly is never late to do something, make a u-turn. Do something, change your fortune.. yes, I think I will die an optimist, and find something to smile about even at that moment..

My role model was my close friend’s mom. She was a teacher, and then when we were in 8th standard or something, my friend’s mom did an MBA, and got into a very good job, and I am sure she is flying high somewhere… I always keep telling myself, it is never late.

Why all this talk? I got an opportunity to pursue MS(SE) from BITS in my office. This calls for weekend classes for 2 years. I did a small cost benefit analysis of this situation, and that the benefit would be too low against the cost of not spending time with kid during weekends. Nobody is stopping me, I am blessed that way. My parents and in-laws are pledging support, and so is the husband.. it is just me.. I am so reluctant to go ahead and enroll myself..

I applied because this could be something that might wipe away old tears. I had missed BITS once, and now that I have the money, I can get that degree. But I kept questioning myself, if it was worth it, and I have finally decided to let this go..

May be, I will find my opportunity like my friend’s mom. Who knows? I try to tell myself, that not having a degree from a premier institution will not be a stumbling block. I was talking to a guy from my office, junior to me, and he was from BITS.. so here we were, in the same place, doesn’t really matter does it?

I am sad to let go of this opportunity. Teeny weeny upset.. but that’s OK I guess.. God might just have something better for me.. I still have hope and I will still keep looking!!


Sanjiv said...

If you want a degree to put on your resume, then I guess an MS from BIT's would be sufficient. However as with all non residential master's programmes, there is very little value add and you definitely aren't learning anything which you'll remember for future application at the workplace. Check with unny and his experience before you actually sign up.

(Check with any HR/recruiting personnel as to the weightage they provide for these too)

monu said...

Sanjiv, thanks for the details... I dont have Unny's contact details.. i am still sitting on the fence on this one.. point one being, it will be too demanding on my time.. but mostly i am dropping out...