Friday, April 29, 2011

Of Change and Activism..

Today is a day of change, of rejevunation.No, i didnt go to a spa, never done that all my life! Its an image that pops in my dreams , me in a spa, with a fancy glass of even fancier drink.. all but no!

Yesterday, i was not so happy. You know i have linked to CSA Awareness blog here and i do visit it once in a while to read up on the information there, and i go through survivor stories and it tears open my heart and makes me really sad! Yesterday, i was so upset reading one particular story, i wanted to hug the victim and cry for her, with her..

I felt so helpless, and so hopeless for the world. And was so very very sad... and deep within, even without me realising, i made a change, i wish to make a difference. I am no activist yet, but i have decided to help people i know. And i felt it was such a positive way to react. I will do something about it. I will make sure it doesnt happen to anyone i know

and then i read this and feel nothing but respect for this man, and his great deed. I hope things will change for a better world.

And this day, I swear to make it better. I swear to do something about it. And the fact that i am not wallowing in sorrow over all the victim's stories, but as an adult, i have sworn to do something, anything in my capability for any child i know.I feel i have the power to atleast help children, i know, if not all the children. I feel empowered, and a victim , no more!

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