Thursday, July 22, 2010


When I eat chocolate all by myself,
And my face gets dirty, little pieces scattered,
Around the big smile of satisfaction,
Playing on my lips…
It doesn’t quite feel the same,
As breaking up the chocolate,
Into tiny pieces,
As many pieces as there are people,
And seeing their face light up,
At the sight of the sudden treat…
And I think to myself,
Is that because, I cant see myself,
As I smile…

PS: Yes i ate a chocolate and instead of stealthily eating it all by myself, which the first thing i woudl usually do, i ended up sharing it with all of them there, just like that.. and surprised at the happiness i felt on sharing!! there you go.... out of my head and heart!!

i cant beleive that this blog has 4 followers.. wow... thanks people.. you make it worht to keep wrting and keep going.. thanks for the encouragement!!!

i am still in woodbury and am doing good.. cant wait to get home though.. :)

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