Friday, June 01, 2007

SO what happened all along?
Well, I turned 24
My blog turned 2!! Wow two years of blogging

And , I met with an accident.

May 15th is my birthday and 19th is my star birthday.
May 19th also happened to be the day when there was this function at my realtive’s house. So there I was at my periappa’s house. I took my cousin’s kid to a shop nearby and bought all the chocolates he really likes. He was one happy kid that day!

And then I walked to sis’s house to baby-sit Sriram, so she can get some work done.

So it was around 11:30 in the afternoon, when I walked out to go to office.
Yes, Office on saturday!!!!!

I was crossing the road cursing the sun and wishing I had left earlier.
Meanwhile guilt was eating me up
I was going to office despite having some personal work because this other colleague was coming and I would feel bad if I let him do all the work, but I was really wishing I had stayed home.

I spent more than the time I planned at sis’s home because she was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her. And so I got late…

So anyways, I was about to cross the road when I saw this vehicle approaching me. That was so scary. I stood where I was because I was real scared. I wished he wouldn’t hit me.
But that’s what happened.

Next minute, I was on the road. And I saw him and vehicle slowly skidding and falling.hmmm….

I was praying that nothing should happen to him. Nothing did. The fellow got up and started blaming me. It was he who came fast , not me. I didn’t move because I thought if I moved I would confuse him and he might end up hitting me. Yet the fellow hit me.

The left hand pained. But I let that be. I would feel guilty if I didn’t go to office. So I went my way, only to realize on reaching office that I couldn’t lift my left hand to comb my hair and tie it.


So then I went back home and then to hospital to get my hand x-rayed and into a cast. The initial days,it was very painful. Slowly the pain reduced and now am as good as new

The plus here- I took almost two weeks off.
Minus – guilt of not coming to work at a very crucial time.
I did come one day in between but went home soon. I was scared, what with wedding just a month away.

So there I am. Back to normal life.
I enjoyed my vacation. And am cribbing away at work, but content at the same time in a strange sort of way. I had come one day in between because I felt guilty at letting a colleague of mine do all the work. There was extra pressure of deadline too. Yet when I come back , I see appreciation for another person and surprise, I am not included. I feel bad, but carry on, because that’s me…..

That’s me, a bundle of contradictions to use a cliché.

I carry on to do things just to silence my ever guilty-conscience. So its ok that colleague of mine didn’t realize that I came one day just to help her out. Though I did rush back after completing what I thought was required of me.

I know I shouldn’t be blogging about work right.
But I need an outlet and sorry, this is my blog, right? And am not bad mouthing anyone.

So there goes.
My little update on my blog.

Little sriram walks and runs a lot these days. he is slowly becoming a tiny little person with his own individuality.

Am spending the last month before marriage here in my parent’s house. It isn’t sinking in me yet. There is still some teeny-weeny shopping for wedding left.

I need to change my attitude , I know. Totally off the mark, but I so totally need to remind myself that.

And I saw some movies while I was on my leave. What would I do with one arm in a cast???
I saw the two pirates of the Caribbean and loved them
Saw spidey-3 in thiruttu dvd. Come and arrest me and I won’t tell you that my neighbour gave them to me
So there I am, my dear reader. I know there’s just one of you left.i hope to come back more often here
Have fun and smile away like I am trying to now!


reetu said...

Welcome back..& glad u escaped with minor injuries..

enjoy ur days..

Schrodingers cat said...

bundle of contradictions eh? Aint we all :)

Anyways looking forward to see everyone at your marriage.


monu said...

Hey Manoj.
Am so glad to hear that you are coming.
Looking forward to meeting you too

thanks. Am good