Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Little foolishness

Sometimes I stand by
and think of my own foolishness…

Just some time back,
A bindi was to me,
Just a decoration for the face,
Something I could live without…

But today,
As I rush out,
And hardly have time,
One of those fast-paced mornings,
I stop by in front of the mirror,
And look at the empty space,
between my eyebrows..

I have a hundred and one things to do,
Before I can rush out of home..
But I put it all aside,
And stick that bindi..

What if something happens to you,
My dear love, my husband?

And at that moment,
I stand by, and think…
Of my own foolishness….

PS: Sometimes even silly simple foolish beliefs can also be beautiful


Jeevan said...

So sweet:)

Anonymous said...

sweet indeed!
Its the gesture that counts... right? (so they say and thus i know)

Anonymous said...

I could imagine how it could have happened and i love this one .