Friday, September 01, 2006

An Extra Hundred rupee note - Story

The crisp hundred rupee note sat in the inner purse of her hand bag. The coveted hundred rupee note. It was a sudden reward, a sudden prize for a job well done. It was precious as it wasn’t budgeted out already.

There were lots she could do with it. She could buy some necessary things she had been postponing for so long. Or she could buy up those fresh fruits her old parents always liked, but never bought, well..they costed a lot, Didn’t they?

The hundred rupee note sitting cosily in the confines of her bag didn’t know where it would go. If it had listened to her heart’s song, a heart’s little aspirations and dreams for extra hundred bucks…….

She continued to think hard, fiddling with her pen and pretending to be writing, but she was thinking hard….

Or i could keep the money and travel in auto for some days…buses can get real crowded, she thought… Or shall I buy some sweets for home?

She was extremely indecisive…a hundred options, a hundred that actually needed to be done, but just one extra hundred rupee note. Suddenly the money seemed less.

She smiled at that thought and continued in the effort to find a purpose for that 100 rupee note.

“Can I pamper myself and get some of those earrings I always liked?”, she suddenly thought, brushing aside the necessities waiting for an extra 100 rupees….

And so her plight remained, till she reached home and heard that the neighbor’s small child had fallen sick.

The little child, who was so playful….

And so She gave away that extra hundred rupee note…………………………….with a smile.

Seems the hundred rupee note had met its purpose.


Anonymous said...

...I am just glad that she used it.. It is extremely tempting to retain a trophy and revel in past glories:)

Jeevan said...

We can give anything, to see some smile on others face! Nice one monu.

Will read ur other post soon, I was feeling tired with cold, cant even read blogs. Just thought to visit yours to find some poems. Take care dear:)

Anonymous said...

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Known Stranger said...

aiyoo... yenna orru sentimental story..

orru quater addichi , briyani sappitutu kuppurakkka pattuthu thungirukkallam


Anonymous said...

on Nth thought, the money did meet one of its possible "purposes".. And the important purpose won because she was extremely indecisive before that... hmmm.. things have a way of working themselves out:)

Risha said...

Have been there before.
Nice story monu!!!

dinesh said...

Wah ! Pretty neat !

I wish all my money cuold find its purpose the way yours did. Mine usually ends up in an ear-ring equivalent ! :)

:: the protector :: said...

thats a great story....their is a purpose for everything we do....


monu said...

that was a beautiful expln..
things indeed have a way of working themselves out...i had once written somthing of that sort..
i had compared about a burn that healed on its own and life...
things indeed do work out on their own!

pls do take care
hope u r better now

@Known stranger


its ok to pamper urself!!
i am doing it all the time!


Iris said...

I might have learned it from you.. that things work themselves out.. I am not sure:).. who knows such things! :)

Prabu Karthik said...

un kitte neraya kathukanum pola irukke!

Known Stranger said...

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