Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Search for a few more words

No Story

I have a very sweet story to say,
A really sweet one…..
But I don’t have the words for them…….

A Non-Poetic Love Story

He couldn’t wax eloquent,
On his love for her,
She didn’t mind…….
For whenever She asked him,
“How much do you love me?”,
He would spread his hands,
As far as they would go……….


Known Stranger said...

hmmm - if a gal ( if i am lucky ) asks me how much you love me ( if no one asks me thatz a differnet issues - as usual lot of illusion dreams i have - and answers, emtoions to express, poem to give ) I would say - i love you just the size my fingers fold because that is my heart size is. - you are nothing but my heart and i am on man if my heart is doesnt you fully.

Anonymous said...

Indeed! Some of the best stories dont have words.
And... there may be another meaning to an outstretched hands gesture... since the hands are pointing the opposite directions, if you try to measure the area covered, u never complete measuring ! that love is infinite ;)... unlimited;)

monu said...

@known stranger

i liked your interpretation
though when i wrote it i really didnt think of that