Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Those beautiful jasmine flowers,
Seemed to be smiling at her…
Pure, pristine and white…

“Are we really that precious to you?”
“Does our beauty appeal so much to you?”,
They seemed to be asking,
As she faced the mirror,
And was adorning her hair with them

“How did they know,
That I had walked 2 kms,
For five days, and saved up on bus tickets…
So I could buy them?”

She reflected upon her reflection……………


Anonymous said...

So she does like them so much..(or need them so badly?)? only unwilling to say it directly..?? instead she has to say "how do they know... blah blah.. " ;))

Jeevan said...

If you are a real beauty
no matter how much
we do any thing
to watch your beauty. Nice poem monu:)

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Known Stranger said...

i wish i could write the happy moments and joy like you