Friday, July 21, 2006


There was something about rain that scared her.
For rain caused her life to fall in disarray,
Nothing would be done as before….
The dark clouds closing in,
Choked her……

She grew up, but this fear of hers,
Never grew away….

On such a rainy day,
The one she cared for,
Her love, her husband,
Was leaving to work.

Her fears since childhood,
Came back to haunt her again…
She worried about wet roads,
And skidding vehicles….

If she could, she would,
Guard him all day and be on his side,
Like the toy she guarded those days during rain….

All those warning of adults about rains,
Those she had heard as a kid,
Came rushing back to her mind…

She almost ran out to stop her husband,
As he stepped out….
Tears too, it seems had stepped out then…
She hugged him from behind,
Her lips moving silently against his shirt,
Making a prayer for his safe return…

He didn’t get it,
But he sure did think,with a smile,
That the rain was beautiful!!!!!!

PS: Inspired by yesterday's rain and Jeevan's post


Fathima said...

I was searching for the word "TRAFFIC" in ur post

monu said...


Anonymous said...

now i know y u wer dying to blog ;)

Jeevan said...

here also the same, mom used to worriey about dad, how will he return to home in this rain. mom (dad's mother) watching the way, when we will see his son's face. Very nice poem, hai monu, i cant open my blog, with out

Fathima said...

As u mentioned rain

johnny boy said...

Hey Monu.. Blogspot is back, so am I :)) Hehe..
Good one.. U've brought out 2 different ways of looking at the 'rain', in a subtle way! :)
I would go with the husband's way of looking at it.. Rain is beautiful, and car drives in pouring rain is awesome! I love to ride bikes while its raining too, its a fantastic feeling. Only thing, it shud not be on the way to office! :) Any other time is ok! :)

johnny boy said...

Ok coming to the personal front, how have u been? Hope lifez treatin u good.. Been a long time!

Arun Mani said...

yanakennamo ithu inspirationla vandha karpanai kavidhai maathri theriyala... kalli unmaya sollu... yaaru un daavu...? anyway really nice... reminds me of similar incident in my life... keep writing...cheers.

monu said...

can i know what u know?

i hoep u are able to view ur blog thru blogspot now..

i got it

welcome bakc johnny!!! too love to drive in rain as ong as i am going home..then it is ok to land up all soaking wet..i have been driving since 15 in rains...

i have been's been good to me..i am now nephew was born on apr am having a lot of fun with him..
and how r u?

@arun mani
read the prev comment..i am not afraid of rain..
so nichyama en experience illai

Anonymous said...

I forgot ;)

smiley said...

He did sure wish that it would rain everyday :)

Known Stranger said...

i want to write lik eyou i want to write liek you . uahaha aauaaaha hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm