Tuesday, January 10, 2006


How can i ever remove the memories of that day from my mind? The day i got my first ever job...
Every time I think of it, the scene, very much intact, still runs in my mind….
Life is one big nostalgia, I tell you….

I was an hopeful like the so many others, wanting the money, desperately wanting the job..and not being sure of being smart enough to make it..

I had heard horror stories of unemployment, and I didn’t want to be one among them. If I were rich, I would have taken up further studies. The only option, then, was to get a job. The money would be extremely useful too, what with my dad’s job coming under the downsizing axe….

How can I ever forget the day I got my first job? I felt like a pressure cooker…………

There were three stages, they said. I gasped, would I ever make it through even one stage? I was sinking in self-doubt. I had to take two tests and then the final interview. MY oh my. Was I scared that day…..

But then life’s many experiences had thought me a very valuable lesson:
“Do your duty, leave the results to god”

How can I forget that day?There was me, and then there were my friends…We got through the first round together…we were so happy, more happy that we had made it together….

Then came the next round, my friends didn’t make it..i alone did. I desperately needed the job. Yet, I couldn’t smile…….

Dear friend, how can I ever forget that moment…….you didn’t make it , yet , you saw above your own disappointment and immediately drew out all the books you had and handed them to me.

“Prepare for your interview..quick, you said “
How can I ever forget that look of concern in your eye, as you wanted me to make it….

I did, I screamed out to the world and them smiled at you…I saw my joy reflected in your eye

What was it about that day that I still remember?
It was not my job, it was you………..


Raju said...

My first time here..

Superbly written.. I was wondering all along why u dreadfully look at the so-called 'memorable' day.. mm.. Hope your friend finds/has found a job.

monu said...

welcome raju

thanks for ur comment!
all my friends are in good jobs now