Tuesday, January 17, 2006

One little prayer

God, give me so much strength
That I can live my life
In every fleeting second
Yet not let go of my goals

God, give me so much control
That I can let my fancies take flight
Yet not give my wings so much strain
That they give up and let me down

God, give me so much a heart
That I can give a place for one and all
None too big for one, none too small
So I keep walking, nice and tall

God, give me what you please,
Not all that I ask or how much I ask
But in your just measure
Yet not letting my hopes fall


Jeevan said...

the 3rd one very nice. GOd give me much strength to enjoy this life.

monu said...

thanks jeevan

Narayanan Venkitu said...

NIce prayer.!! Wonderful thoughts.

Best part - God, give me what you please.!!

Yeah, its better to leave it to him..I feel.!! He knows how to handle us.!!

monu said...

@narayanan venkitu

tamilan said...

nalla venduthal...enakku oray oru thengai mattum odai.. maaa....pls...God

monu said...

appo etha vachu chutney pannardhu?

smiley said...

A prayer of more of the heart...