Thursday, December 22, 2005


* I read the alchemist and absolutely loved it…I have never understood the need to buy books,I always borrow, from friends or from the library….

And then I read alchemist and wanted a copy of my own..wonderful is simple, yet so powerful..i have read another book by Paulo Coelho…but I couldn’t understand a word..this was not like that..simple in language and great in message!

* As I make my way to work, every morning brings with it, its own characteristic scenes and sights..i soak it all in and travel with a smile…that is also one of the reasons I don’t drive..i like to watch J

-> The cows waiting patiently by“their” door. In my area, there are a lot of cows. They wont harm you. They will just stand there from 7.30 AM and wait till 8.30 before they begin to moo..for food…fat cute cows.

->After the rains, when sun made his first appearance, I saw the scene in the huts near the adyar river under the saidapet bridge…yes! Some huts were totally demolished…but life goes on, I saw that people were making use of the roofs to dry their clothes and little children were drying their wet notes in the hot concrete pavement by the side of the road… life goes on..these children were holding on to hopes and their books….

->On other days, I would see kids from the slum areas, playing with little sticks. It is a real cute sight, the way they can keep themselves engaged with the minimum of play material…..

* Yesterday night, my grandma mumbled something in the night..i was awake and there was silence…we got worried and my dad hurried to her room.
He asked her what happened. I think she was still asleep.She contined to mumble in sleep, “ kozhandhaigal enge?”, she asked.(Where are the children?”

There were no kids in my house. I thought she was referring to the kids next door. When my dad asked , “Endha kozhandhai?” (Which child?) , My grand ma had this to say,

“Madhu vidhya..inga irundha, enkooda..enga poirukka? Keezha poirukkaala….?”
(madhu, vidhya, they were here with me. Where have they gone?Have they gone down?”

My dad didn’t say anything, it was clear now that my granny was speaking in her sleep. Because madhu is my elder sis. She is married and lives a good 5 Kms away….Vidhya is what they call me at home….nobody calls me a kid these days…..Age was catching up with granny I suppose…she was probably thinking back to those days, when my sis and myself were small kids, we lived on the first floor , and every night, my granny would tell us a story….. She must have thought about those days……

I was actually quite moved, call it nostalgia….


Prabu Karthik said...

very good one:)

ALCHEMIST will go down as one of my favorite books of all time.

keep it coming.

monu said...

Finally someone comments!

Jeevan said...

Nice one.

the rain was given a test for the people who are living in saidapet, My grandma also talk in her sleep, she also call us every time kulanthanga ennga poiirukkanga. grandma's are very nice people in this world.

monu said...

yes, grannys are sweet!

Manoj said...

Finally you found some time to read the Alchemist...I'm sure every subsequent time you read that book, you will find something new. I stumbled across 'Swami and friends' of late...I would call it nostalgia.

monu said...

i would like to read swami too...i saw some episodes of malgudi days...
greats stories...and swami's particularly!!
i shoul dbuy the alchemist..yet to buy..

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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