Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Things we notice, and those we don't!

All that silent care
all those stolen stares
all that restlessness,
on the appearence of that single tear
all that thoughts of her, so dear
All that yielding to any demand,
all that nagging to smile...........
didn't convince her, that he really cared,
till that day, he stood patiently,
for an hour, as his legs begged for rest,
waiting for her, and yet, in all that tiredness,
smiled a genuine smile at the sight of her!


Jayan said...

A sudden spurt ? For the first time, I am seeing 3 posts on your blog with '0' comments !!!!!!!!!!

Ganesh said...

nice one, I liked the little note a good friend even better

tamilan said...

good one
Waiting for her to get dressed!!!! i think that is a daily routine!!!

Jeevan said...

Liked very much, nice one.