Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Scribbling at early morning

Then and Now....

Today, he sits there talking to air,
like there was someone in front of him,
making little gestures ,
and tilting his head a little to one side.....

NOt long Back,
he could wait endlessly,
for that "white-board" bus to come,
where the ticket would cost 1 rupee 50 paisa less,
which he could save up over many days,
and get that cricket bat for his son!

The worry man's little story

Have you eaten?
Has the food got the right dose,
of daily nutrients, for you?
Will you get caught up somewhere in this rain?
will you not have suficient cash?
will they shout at you and hurt your little heart?
Oh, I worry so much for you...........
When my protective eyes are not over you...

As for me, There is GOD!


Jeevan said...

I think he should talk to god. who is in the air.

Very nice.

preethi said...


IBH said...

very nice one u are churning one after the other!

Keshi said...


God is there for me too :)


Fathima said...

Gud one Monu. Came here after a really long time. I know u wud have also waited endlessly for my comment:)

Anjali said...