Monday, October 03, 2005

Does he.....

"Does he Love you?"
"If getting used to another person so much,
That you miss them in their absense,
That you may see the music ringing in that voice
when there was silence,
is what we call love,
Then i guess he Does...."


Anonymous said...

Too much'a love pathi ezhudariye... enna matter monu? ;)

- Preethi

monu said...

enpa? mathathum thaan ezhutharen..... hows sudha and mathangi?

Anonymous said...

Azhamana karuthu, what I feel at the moment writing a comment is, this one is like a short jab. You should have felt a great releif that something nice turned out from those words. A satisfaction you get after a nice sketch and just about finishing the final dot in the eyes, and the picture starts smiling at you.

Very good Monu, now you must be wondering who I am. I am a friend of Narayanan Venkitu, based in UK, Edinburgh. Just clicked one of his blogs and clicked yours to see what I can find.

Loads of Treasures.

Keep up the good work Monu.

Preethi said...


u write good stuff.. ana love matter konjam neraya varudhu.. don't forget to keep me informed if anything :)
sudha & mathangi are fine...

do mail in sometime..

monu said...

i think u write well too!
thanks a lot for your compliment..means a lot to me!

mail id madam?