Friday, September 09, 2005

Tag Seven

I have been tagged by Vatsan, Fathima and Jeevan.
So here I go. I have always liked making lists. Why?
I think it introduces me to myself and makes me think " what do u want??"
Seven Things U Plan To do Before U die ( in no specific order)
  • I want to be myself. ( I want to be weird as weird could be.But no, I stick to social, i am not some radical philosopher, i am just me)
  • Make hoards of money
  • Take up adventure sports.
  • Have the guts to say "NO" when I want to.
  • To spend one day in my life being really honest, not brutaaly honest in a way that would hurt people, but avoid lies.
  • To not frown even a wee bit and cheer up all who come my way!
  • To make all around me proud of who I am, particularly my parents!!!!!

There you go, my list isn't yet over..there is so much more i want to do...but guess i will stick by the rules here!!!

Seven Things Tat U Can Do

  • I can do something, which is not illegal, that would fetch me a salary. (Money is important , you see...hehe)
  • I can give loads of advices and here myself say things and thoughts that has previously never occured to me, and thereby shock myself too. I can give some useful ones too!
  • I can laze around doing nothing and never get bored of it
  • I can eat anything as long as it is vegetarian. (Though i appreciate good food, I can put up with anything)
  • I can study just the night before the exams and pass.
  • I can procastinate even the most enjoyable activities...I am that lazy
  • I can love with my whole heart!

Seven Things Tat U Cant Do:

  • I cant be perfect. Anything I do has to have flaws.But then isn't imperfection the sign of being human?
  • I cant stick to deadlines...i just can't!!!!
  • I can't act like i like someone when i really don't. It just shows.But people, i have just started learning the art of diplomacy!!!
  • I cant become a technical geek and invent the next major breakthrough in communication..I can just write some decent code!
  • I can't be indifferent, somehow i think i am affecting everyone in my circle of influence!
  • I just can't decide!!!! (Yes, i do make my decisions...just takes a little longer for me......)

Seven Things That Attract U ToThe Opposite Sex:

  • Courage to stand by what he wants
  • Treat a woman like an equal yet be chivalrous when situation arises
  • Honesty
  • Self-confidence ( He doesn't have to be intelligent like einstein , but should be confident that he can pull through anything)
  • Amiability
  • In total, a good heart !
  • Tall (the tall dark handsome cliche)

Seven Things U Say Most:

  • Hi
  • Bye
  • I feel sleepy
  • I am hungry
  • sollu (tell me in tamil)
  • seri..seri (yes..yes in tamil)
  • Yes

Seven Celebrities i want to meet :

No, I dont want to meet any of them..Sometimes i feel like meeting many of them..sometimes i just don't. Basically i don't want to reveal my celebrity crushes!!

But would love to meet Einstein!!

I am not tagging anyone else..everyone i know has already been tagged!!


Jeevan said...

Nice Tag
There is any special reason to meet Einstein?

Prabu Karthik said...

"seven celebrity crushes" got morphed into "seven celebrities i want to meet..."

well..well.. here is one conservative diplomat :))

See u in either T nagar or Thousand lights anyday from coming monday onwards..

ella clearance um over..


Chaos said...

Seven things you do most often.

Nod your head.
Nod your head.
Nod your head.
Nod your head.
Nod your head.
Nod your head.
Nod your head.


divyasurendiran said...

>>I can study just the night before the exams and pass

Understatement of the month madam!


~phobiac~ said...

Seven Things That Attract U ToThe Opposite Sex

reply..etho cimena paathu yezhuthinaa maathiri irukku...

I can procastinate even the most enjoyable activities...I am that lazy
......nice one !!

monu said...

well, to me he is the epitme of intelligence!!

sure..i will try to come there.. let us see
:). I am not in the Tnagar office!

one the screws in my neck is missing!!!

unmaiya than sonnen?

unmaiya sonna cinema paattu nu solitteengale???

ada-paavi!!!! said...

naan chumma fun and nakkalku seven celebrity crush a seven celebrities i want ot meet a matthina, elloruma ada panniketirukkangal, anywas nice tag,!

monu said...

that is the copy-paste mentality of a software engineer!!!!!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Interesting post.

1) God bless you with a - Tall / Dark / Handsome..!! spouse.!

2) On Perfection - I read somewhere that if someone is 100% perfect there is nowhere to grow.!! So..its ok to be imperfect.!!

monu said...

@narayanan Sir
thanks for your wishes!

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!