Monday, September 12, 2005

The selfish one!

He thought she was selfish
and a coward, who couldn't fight
and simply let go!

She didn't try to clarify,
it was easier for him
if he hated her,
to carry on!


Jeevan said...

Nice one. thanks monu to visit my blog, for the 2nd time.

Prabu Karthik said...

hmm... parava illa. purinchirundha innum nalla irukkum

carry on na..?

continue or break up?

keerthi said...

aamaam PK, purinjirundha innum soopera irukkum.

She didn't try to clarify,
it was easier for her
if he hated her,
to carry on!

second line ippadi irundha enakku puriyudhu !!

tamilan said...

suriyana parthu naiy kulaicha kathayai irukku?

jac said...

This is some thing differant, monu !

Vinesh said...

Contrary to popular belief, I believe that silence does more damage than good.

Gayathri said...

what? puriyala.

Jayan said...

hmmm, Monu is back at her best

ada-paavi!!!! said...

edo understood, konjam clarify for the sake of the intellectually dumb (aka me)

vasanthi said...

Yes somtimes silence is dangerous than a battle

dumbs said...

I'm back...thanx for the comments

Ganesh said...

aha appadi podu

Kay said...

sooper seriously i have to hate her if i actually need to carry on with my life...

Kay said...

i always end up writing some dumb comments like the previous one :)))
it's ok then how will i show u that i was here :))

monu said...

thanks jeevan
you have a great blog!

it gives you a neengale enna venaalum interpret pannikkalaam!

adhuvum nallaa irukke!

everything happens!

it is like maggi???
i know , bad joke!

agree with you!
but silence can be dangerous in an emotionally charged atmosphere..whadya say??

\the idea behind me writing this was that sometimes , it is better to let people to continue to what they want to, regardless of what was correct or not...makes


check out my response to gayathri!


welcome back!


u r always welcome..nice pic!