Monday, September 19, 2005

The Painter

He evenly spread the paint
It was a beautiful sight,
his hand with the brush,
It was poetry in motion!
He was just applying a coat
of much -needed whitewash,
his life dangling at the rope's end,
as that high-rise building,
Got a face-lift!


tamilan said...

Painting is an art which is not easy. Need the technique and the experience. Failed miserably when I tried to whitewash my room. Your poem on glorifying a building painter was good! failed miserably in writing a poem too !!! But these days they don't dangle their lives on a rope end. Safety awareness has made sure they have the proper safety harnes, personal protective equipment....

Jeevan said...

Good post.

monu said...

i saw something like that..thats y...
scribble away buddy ..dont botehr about good or bad...thats how i scribble everyday!

thanks a lot jeevan

tamilan said...


Anonymous said...

arumayan kavithai, chinna vishayam we see on the road while walking, and never thought that it can be expressed in such a sweet para.

Very good Monu.