Tuesday, August 09, 2005


On convenience..

He was called boy-friend
where the prefix
was dropped /attached
on convenience!

Keeping the word

He was a man of his words
He always told her
"we will get married
after three years...."
year after year after year....


tamilan said...

eppa evalavu vayasachu avangalukku?

monu said...

karpanai la athu thonalai...

divyasurendiran said...

hmmm "convenience" is the key word.
You are right.

divyasurendiran said...

Maybe not for everybody, but for some people, your first poem holds good

Fathima said...

Liked both. But the second one is so common. So liked the first one better.

tamilan said...

On whose convenience...
his or her....?

vasanthi said...

eppadi monu ungalaale mattum mudiyudhu

monu said...


the second one is more like that old joke that everyone is bored of

both i suppose...naan avalo yosikkalaiye..

veeti oppeecer aal mattum mudinja velai ithu

Ilaiy said...

Nice one


ioiio said...

I wanna know what manoj comments on this one..

Kaps said...

Prefix change is OK....I hope the name change does not result in him being called a brother.

BTW who is Manoj?

monu said...

ippo edukku avana izhukkara???
avanukkum idhukkum enna sambandham....

manoj is ioiio's and my classmate....

Prabu Karthik said...

convenience was good

pesama nee unnoda indha snippets ellam oru PDF collectiona podu

Manoj said...

silence is golden


monu said...


antha PDf ku bathila thaan intha blog!
en nalla illaya?

me too agreeing in silence!

Prabu Karthik said...


unakku poi suggestion kuduthen paaru...

PDF na oru book form varumla.
u can put your best collections and allow people to download... la 'how to be creative' nu ru manifesto irukkum. adhu madhiri....