Wednesday, July 20, 2005


They all thought she was emotionally challenged
to cry as she did in public
But those who really knew her, also knew
that she was washing away
all those negative emotions associated with that pain
with that stream of tears.......
so that tommorow, she wouldn't carry a trace of that pain
or hatred in her heart..
and learn to love again...

Related add-on


the restroom was where they all went to releive themselves...
of all those tumultous emotions....

Explanation: those who dare not to cry in public , can easily do so
in the rest-room


Chaos said...

Now I know.. why they would never let a guy like me see what goes in a ladie's restroom.

monu said...


Vinesh said...

Why this thread of sadness running through most of your poems?

monu said...


i am not a doomsday very much optimistic...just end up writing stuff like that

Ansh said...

that is so true monu...
i have done and i can feel that!