Thursday, July 28, 2005

Running away from reality

Scenario 1

He tried in vain
to fill his life with cheer
to put on that smile
to crack a joke
to do anything that would
camouflage the sorrow within
and make him look happy to the world

He worried...
what would the world
think of a loner like him
always sunk in sorrow
and so he masked.......

He also thought..
that positive thoughts might help
and so he concentrated on them,
to put on,yet another false smile....

and so ,many more days of misery continued....

Scenario 2

He tried in vain
to fill his life with cheer
in the midst of all that sorrow
stalking him....

but when he couldn't
he contemplated to realise
that confrontaion, was the only way out

and so, he wiped off that false smile
and amidst the haunting worries,
and the many conflicting but attached choices
he made his own......

amd so, the extremely tough days, slowly yielded into better ones.....


Somu said...

That was nice... A good example of how attitude can change not just one's perspective of life, but his life too.

Truly inspirational !

Jayan said...

Care to convert into layman language ??? :(

Vivhyd said...

oh.. monu speaks a lot!! in a day.. :)) very nicely written

ada-paavi!!!! said...

i second vivhyd, monu romba persara!
i like scenario 2 better than 1,

id padicha yennakku oru tamil pattu gnayabagam varathu
'sondhanai mel sodnanai'

ada-paavi!!!! said...

ora philo, adu enna madri philips tubelightsku ellam puriyala1 (jayan u got company)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

monu, HP6 pirated copy is out, avaliable at triplicane, costs onlt 150 bucks, nan booka padhichetena, u HP fan?

Chaos said...

u feeling sorry for some guy? I thought u were a women's lib activist (read honcho)

monu said...

the point i was trying to make was that facing ones fears is the best way out!

what i was trying to say was that , running away from reality into a fantasy world doesnt help..better to face the difficulties and fears, and then find a way out!


monu is very free and hence speaks a lot!

i like HP
150 seems fine...
me thinking..will mail you if i need one
thanks for the info.

imagination sanju!

Manoj said...

Hmm...I am like a split personality caught up between scenario 1 and 2.


tamilan said...

Excessive sorrow laughs. Excessive joy weeps.

Blake, William

monu said...

@manoj too

:)never heard that one befre