Thursday, July 28, 2005

God's little angels

Everyday would begin with a prayer..
For a fine day for one and all,
and a thanks, for all the nice days so far..

Then something would go wrong,
that would make one little precious tear peep out..
Just then, God would send an angel
to restore the smile,
with one message,or phone call,or just a "Hi"!


ioiio said...


monu said...

enna aarambichutten????

ada-paavi!!!! said...

apees illa poi vela panamma blogpaneria?
io enna sentiment, touch panniteia,

Jayan said...


monu said...

me working hard!


ioiio said...

Oru naalaikku naalu post poda aaarambichittiyaaannu ketten

monu said...


nethu konjam velai..innikkum irukku..doing that side by side

G3 said...

"Hi" monu ...

nice one!

Ashley said...

beautiful! bravo

monu said...



tamilan said...

When God puts a tear in your eye, it's because He wants to put a rainbow in your heart

monu said...

that was nice!