Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The girl seeing ceremony

Take 3

Let us meet in the temple
They had decided........
So as the girl got ready
yet another a different silk saree
as the last one didn't work out
and they travelled a million miles
to reach that temple
which was at a five feet distance
from the boy's house
They then returned home in silence
contemplating the verdict......


Kaps said...

why can't they convey their decision first?.....why does it always have to be the boys side? Any more takes coming?

johnny boy said...

The best things in life, come only when you are made to wait for a while :)
The optimist in me, speaking...

May that guy get the worsht wife ever :)
now its the pessimist's turn..

Tamilan said...

Enna kap johny Machi
Neengalam Thutta evalavu varthunu thanay parpeenga. osila pajji sojji sapathukitu kasu ilana vendam unu solra katchi thanay.
suma pilim katatheenga

monu said...


for some apparent reason they have a joy in taking their time..usually a long gap means no....
hmm....i am wondering..let us see if i find the inspiration for more takes

monu said...

@johhnny boy

anniyan effectaa??
aana ithu ulagathula nadakkara unmai

monu said...

neenga enna katchi?

tamilan said...

antha kalathila pengal padikala veetila irunthanga, ambalainga were the bread earners, so u can say dowry was in force.(aanal, veetu velai is not an easy job. pillaingalai pethukutu looking after the house, cooking... pleasing the mamiyar is not a joke...)
in modern days pengal earn as much as aangal, share the bread earning part and still have to do the other part too.
i am on the side of the ladies means u have to pay seer to get a good gal. it wont be long before it turns this way.
pengal on their part should not be pessimistic, be more bold and more realistic too....not aloo monji's the serials u see in tv...
what do u say? no offence meant but u have to be a bit optimistic to....i mean u have to have some sunlight blogs too bright and cheerful...:-)

monu said...

point taken...
but how far is it feasible???
me wondering.....