Thursday, July 28, 2005

Another Day!

This morning I woke up again,
And that was a wonderful start!
I pinched myself just to be sure,
And put my hand on my heart.
Everything still works, it seems.
Just like the night before.
I've been given another day,
And that I'm thankful for!
Each day is a gift, you see.
So make the most of today.
Cause nobody can promise you
Tomorrow will start the same way. Posted by Picasa

PS: Just yet another GOOD MORNING Message ( a forward). I found it motivating!!!!
:) Hope all your days are filled with cheer too


Kaps said...

I thought you will not post Good morning messages from now on. How come IOIIO has not commented on this?

monu said...

i just found it motivating...
and wanted to share it..i saw it first thing when i opened my mail box today morn....

Vivhyd said...

so I guess u have a sore arm or something.. all these years u woke and if u keeep pinching?? so may posts per day.. gr8 .. nice to read too

monu said...

i dont pinch myself!!!
thank god

Tamilan said...

Good morning!!!

monu said...

same to you

Anonymous said...

Post that message on your blog as well so that we can also get motivated.