Thursday, June 09, 2005

Notebook Scribblings Part III

this is my all time favourite.....i wrote this in my tenth i dont happen to remember the poem after so many years..i am not miss. super i just looked through my old file and found this yellowing paper and decided to post this poem here.....

well, every song needs a situation....let me explain the situation in which i wrote it..i was in my tenth standard...and full of most people i let go off some of them and held on to some others...but in that age of 15, when i was unwilling to let go off the dream of making it into IIT ( now, at this time it sounds like a joke..a big joke, i am never the techie...never ever....ask me to implement a circuit and i will show you a centipede on my breadboard....... well.... but then i over-estimated myself in tenth standard......). My parents , who so well knew my limited capabilities told me that i was not hard working no IIT coaching classes but tuition classes for MPC (maths, physics,chemistry) and a transfer to a matriculation school , so i would stand a chance in the TNPCEE admissions ....... i relented..... but still held on to my dream and convinced my parents to let me take correspondence coaching for IIT-JEE...that i didnt work hard is a given thing...but still i held onto my dream.....

and so in some moment of recollecting emotions in tranquility ( as Wordsworth would say..), i wrote this one..i simply love it...

since the human mind has the capability to understand even mispelt words and bad grammer, i hope you can put up with this one...i always beleive prevention is better than cure :)

The Song of the Waves

My head hung down, my ego down
I walked dejectedly..away from the world.
I wanted to cry but there were no tears,
My dried eyes were fixed to ground,
I didnt have the courage to look
even at my own face.

At distance, I saw a beach
I tried to find solace at last
somewhere,anywhere away from the world
I walked to the beach and sat down
A splash of water fell on my face
Alas! there was water again in my eyes.

I stared at the culprit, the waves
fighting in anguish with the bank
as i was with defeat
I wanted to ask, Why not retreat?"
It was then i heard a noise
-An uncomprehendable illusion?

For the first time, my head rose
to have a look at a glorious wave
moving quick with force and strength
dashing against the bank,spilling all over
and then forced to retreat again
but within a minute, it returned again!

The same noise, the same illusion..
left me puzzled, but made me think
I stood and up and looked
at the fighting waves galloping
There still was the failure hangover
but somewhere within i found hope

It was a spark of hope, of confidence
something without which I was stranded
I turned around and began to move
when i heard a song.... a melodious song
I stopped and turned back
to hear the waves sing to me-
Never give up!

Wordsworth had said that nature teaches us a lot, that kind of inspired me to write this one.....

and all you people there, hold on to your dreams, take little steps every day towards achieving it, never let go and your dream is yours......

and even if you havent achieved what you set out to, atleast you know that you gave it your best shot!!!


ioiio said...

Thats a gud one height!!!

monu said...

thanx ullu...

Chaos said...

Gayu .. you are one sweet chick .. somehow the dark look doesn't suit ur blog..Try something like pink or any light color as your template.

monu said...

hey sanju, thanx for the suggestion..i will try to change it...
and how was your day yesterday?
met your match??
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Chaos said...

There! That looks it a much more cheerful ambience.
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monu said...

why should you stink?

Chaos said...

Think...whats no:2???

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wonder how you get such ideas!!!!